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Re: plotting Q's.

From: flatmax
Subject: Re: plotting Q's.
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:37:14 +1100 (EST)

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Darren Farmer wrote:
> 1) are there / has anyone developed  any GUI-user tools (buttons etc) ?
Try xlabel("label"); %# same for ylabel, zlabel and title

> 2) can I re-label axes ?

> 3) [a real duzy] -  if I delete a figure I cannot seem to get a new one
> back, similarly I do not seem to be able to get multiple figures (as
> opposed to mutliple frames within one figure).
> Supposedly there is an equivalent of 'figure' but does it work similar to
> matlab ?
It seems like it will work under X11 systems (which I can vouch for).
- Function File:  figure (N)
     Set the current plot window to plot window N.  This function
     currently requires X11 and a version of gnuplot that supports
     multiple frames.

> 4) GNU-plot Q:  does GNU plot have capability of simply adding
> text/arrows  anywhere. Can GNU-plot be used to change axes labels ?
You can access GNU-plot directly using the 'gset' and 'gshow' and
... commands. this is really usefull for altering the key location in
plots, resizing, ploting to jpg / GIF files .... etc.

> 5) finally...   There seems to be qite a bit of functionality in GNU-plot
> , is it safe practice to intermix  octave plotting and direct figure
> editing with GNU-plot ?  it would seem from the older versions that Octave
> communicates via a command line call type interface - so presumably
> GNU-plot is independent of Octave ??
YEP ! and safe to intermix.

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