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plotting Q's.

From: Darren Farmer
Subject: plotting Q's.
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 08:32:15 +0800 (WST)

Hi all,

I am a converted Matlab user and am trying to get a few tools up and
running. The coding/scripting side of octave is fine (in fact as a C
programmer I will be biased and say better because of its additiona
C-like calls and much easier interaction with user prog. binaries).
However I have a few Q on the graphics/plotting side;

** we are adopting the cygwin PC version under  win9X/NT

1) are there / has anyone developed  any GUI-user tools (buttons etc) ?

2) can I re-label axes ?

3) [a real duzy] -  if I delete a figure I cannot seem to get a new one
back, similarly I do not seem to be able to get multiple figures (as
opposed to mutliple frames within one figure).
Supposedly there is an equivalent of 'figure' but does it work similar to
matlab ?

This problem also seems to have come about if one closes GNU-PLOT figures
- do not seem to be able to get a new GNU-plot session.

4) GNU-plot Q:  does GNU plot have capability of simply adding
text/arrows  anywhere. Can GNU-plot be used to change axes labels ?

5) finally...   There seems to be qite a bit of functionality in GNU-plot
, is it safe practice to intermix  octave plotting and direct figure
editing with GNU-plot ?  it would seem from the older versions that Octave
communicates via a command line call type interface - so presumably
GNU-plot is independent of Octave ??

thanks to the group


Darren Farmer

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