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Re: gnuplot plot string

From: Douglas Steele
Subject: Re: gnuplot plot string
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 20:47:37 +0100

John W. Eaton <address@hidden> writes
>OK.  Octave generates a temporary file name for saving the data.  I'm
>not sure what format those strings will have on your system, but I
>suspect that the bug is not in Octave.
>If you want to see exactly what plot commands are sent to gnuplot, set
>gnuplot_binary to be "/bin/cat".  For example, on my system, it looks like
>  octave:1> gnuplot_binary = "/bin/cat"
>  gnuplot_binary = /bin/cat
>  octave:2> a = 1:100; gplot(a')
>  octave:3> set data style lines
>  pl "/tmp/oct-14102aaa" t "line 1"
>Does Octave on your system behave the same way, or does the temporary
>file name already contain c:ŠÜcygwinŠÜ, or does it look like c:cygwin at
>this point?
octave:1> gnuplot_binary="/bin/cat"
gnuplot_binary = /bin/cat
octave:2> a=1:100;gplot(a')
octave:3> set data style lines
pl "C:ŠÜCygwinŠÜ/tmp/oct-6106b22d.3" t "line 1"

However taking address@hidden suggestion...

octave:1> putenv('TMPDIR','c:/cygwin/tmp')
octave:2> gnuplot_binary = "/bin/cat"
gnuplot_binary = /bin/cat
octave:3> a = 1:100; gplot(a')
octave:4> set data style lines
pl "c:/cygwin/tmp/oct-6106b22d.7" t "line 1"

works fine.

Many thanks to you both.

Douglas Steele

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