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gnuplot plot string

From: Douglas Steele
Subject: gnuplot plot string
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 13:37:44 +0100


GNU Octave, version 2.0.16, Win2K, Cygnus v1.0
G N U P L O T    MS-Windows 32 bit version 3.7
pgnuplot.c -pipe stdin to wgnuplot Version 0.3

configure, make and make install works fine

However there is problem with the plot command string issued by Octave

gnuplot> set data style lines
gnuplot> pl "C:ŠÜCygwinŠÜ/tmp/oct-6106b22d.0" t "line 1"
         can't read data file "C:Cygwin/tmp/oct-6106b22d.0"
         (No such file or directory)

But for example the following works fine...

gnuplot> pl "C:ŠÜŠÜCygwinŠÜ/tmp/oct-6106b22d.0" t "line 1"
gnuplot> pl "C:/ŠÜCygwinŠÜ/tmp/oct-6106b22d.0" t "line 1"            

Any idea how I can change the issued string or its interpretation ?
(I have looked though Octave code but couldn't find the c:ŠÜ issueing
part, similarly no luck with gnuplot)

Thanks for any help.

Douglas Steele

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