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Re: gnuplot plot string

From: Douglas Steele
Subject: Re: gnuplot plot string
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 19:01:02 +0100

John W. Eaton <address@hidden> writes
>On  1-Aug-2000, Douglas Steele <address@hidden> wrote:
>| Thomas Walter <address@hidden> writes
>| >==> Use:
>| >    pl "C:/Cygwin/tmp/oct-1234"
>| >Read the doc of 'bash' and you get more hints.  And the doc of
>| >gnuplot, it uses '/' as path-delimiter too.
>| The string is generated automatically by Octave though and I would like
>| to change it (Octave) to produce the string as you say. However I have
>| not yet managed to identify the part of Octave to change.
>Exactly what commands are you issuing to Octave that result in the
Any simple plot command eg

>If you think you have found a bug in Octave, please send a complete
>bug report to address@hidden
I am not sure if it is a bug; perhaps a configuration problem.  It maybe
relevant to mention that Cygnus v1.0 has c:ŠÜcygwin defined as / (ie
mounted as such) so /tmp is really c:ŠÜcygwinŠÜtmp.  However it appears in
the Gnuplot window as c:ŠÜcygwinŠÜ/tmp/tmpfile

>If you are not sure what to include in a bug report so that it will be
>useful and enable someone to actually fix the problem, please read
> first.

Douglas Steele

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