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Re: shared libraries with g77

From: Ruediger Back
Subject: Re: shared libraries with g77
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 00:15:51 +0200 (MET DST)

 On Wed, June 3 1998, Joao Cardoso wrote:

 > > 
 > > What version on binutils are you using? The described bug in gcc/egcs,
 > > compiling fortran with -fpic in x86 cpus, was corrected in egcs-1.0.2,
 > > but needs
 > > the last version of binutils. The problem is that there were two
 > > mutually
 > > correcting bugs: one in gcc, that generates wrong assembly code, the
 > > other
 > > in `gas', that accepted the wrong assembly and produced good object
 > > code.
 > > 
 > > My system `as' complained with the assembly code generated by g77 -fpic,
 > > I
 > > reported it and someone (expert) found the gcc bug and corrected it;
 > > `gas' was also changed, but only in the last binutils.
 > > 

Now that is good news, but I still have some questions... I have a
pretty recent binutils package: I only had the PGCC based 
on the egcs version 1.0.1 though...
First of all I'm amazed nobody else has noticed this while building
octave. You get tons of assembler warning with Optimization and it
wont compile at all if you turn optimization off (which you might just 
do if you want to debug) ... 
I just recently read a post from Craig Burley in comp.lang.fortran
(about 1-2 weeks ago) about the fPIC problem, he basically suggested
turning optimization on and said that fixing it would require changes in
the gcc backend which are not likely to occur anytime soon (thereby
basically repeating what has been stated in the g77 manual). Are you
positive that this problem has really been fixed ? 

Either way, I'd respectfully suggest it to be mentioned in the
BUGS/PROBLEM section of octave... Shall I write a section and submit a 
patch ?


 > > Hope this helps,
 > > Joao
 > > 

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