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shared libraries with g77

From: Ruediger Back
Subject: shared libraries with g77
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 02:37:46 +0200 (MET DST)


has anybody succeeded in building shared libraries with g77 on Intel
Linux ? It seems that the FORTRAN routines trigger a known bug in the
current g77 compiler, which does not correctly compile with the PIC
flag. Compiling without Optimization actually terminates with an error 
 while compiling with optimization turned on just generates a whole
bunch of assembler warnings (turning opt. on is also a suggestion in
the g77 manual). Does it still generate correct code ? Is there
anybody with a dynamically linked octave on Linux (I'm sure there is)
who can confirm that ? Basically Octave just keeps crashing right
away - that is, after a certain input sequence which I send to
bug-octave a few days ago. Strangely enough, the response I got was
that my example was just working fine on a reference machine with a
newer version. (2.0.12 while I had 2.0.11).

So I compiled 2.0.13... still no good. I've also recently build my
compiler, lib(g/c)++ using safe, tested version, so I'm sure that is
not the problem (also built binutils). I tested versions compiled with
both: pgcc (that is a pentium patched egcs compiler-suite gcc/g++/g77)
as well as standard gcc/g++/g77. Same result. 

Debugging the octave-code is unfortunately beyond my abilities,
because that mixture of C, C++ and FORTRAN code is just to much to make 
sense of ...;)  but I'm trying...

the first bug report (that is information about configuration etc.)
can be found in the archive. Only thing changed is the Octave
version. Bug still remains... comments ?

BTW: the shared library question and the crash are probably not
related as I just relinked octave for a statically linked image..
some result: crash.......

as always any feedback is greatly appreciated..


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