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Re: Client storing query state (was Re: [help-GIFT] Adding and removing

From: Kamil Wencel
Subject: Re: Client storing query state (was Re: [help-GIFT] Adding and removing images to/from gift)
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 17:33:34 +0200
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Jonas Lindqvist schrieb:
1. I have to create a new MRML client system from scratch which takes
all user preferences into account and
keeps track of all selected images ( wanted / unwanted ) before forming
the "real" query for the gift.

Doesn't the "original" (not the monosock) php-demo-client store such info as hidden-variables in the html forms?
yes, that's true but it doesn't help much. It is only of value as long as the user is seeing
the thumbnails which are displayed by the mrml output client script.
Try to imagine the users click path:

- search images ( query )
- get search results ( page with gift results as thumbnails )
-- now the users wants to see the article and clicks on the thumbnails which
   will redirect him to the article page
-- now the users want's to go back to the search results because this article
   was not what he was looking for.

the last step will always fail if you deploy the system with hidden input fields, because the former page used to be a posted one so the browser will not go back. The only way to solve this problem is to store what the user selected before - either in gift itself ( which
is deprecated ) or somewhere inbetween.

2. In order to change the way images are matched I have to fiddle
around with the settings of Classical IDF.
I think I have to tweak the settings in gift-config, right ? But where
exactly shall I begin ? Wolfgang, you said
something about a "configuring and hacking the gift" guide as a
starting point. Where can we find it ?

Those settings can be set by the mrml client. But perhaps the defaults can be set elsewhere... Using the demo-php-client I was able to toggle four options and set a pruning level, for classical IDF. I used that to play around before I wrote my own highly specific (hard coded collections, parameters, etc) mrml-client that does what I need and nothing more.
Do you happen to have any examples regarding this ?

3. The image append function and more real-life based options for speed
and convenience ( as listed by Jonas )
are not yet implented in

True, but appending can be done by performing the steps "manually", so it should be pretty easy to assemble a non-generic script for your specific needs. As for speed... I haven't tried any similar commercial systems, but considering its price, I'm quite happy with the GIFT... :-)
So am I. For an open source project the gift has enormous potential and real value. I wouldn't dive into it if I thought it was just crap ;) My only problem is perl, because it is very hard for me to transcend the perl / php


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