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Re: Client storing query state (was Re: [help-GIFT] Adding and removing

From: Jonas Lindqvist
Subject: Re: Client storing query state (was Re: [help-GIFT] Adding and removing images to/from gift)
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 16:45:50 +0200
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1. I have to create a new MRML client system from scratch which takes
all user preferences into account and
keeps track of all selected images ( wanted / unwanted ) before forming
the "real" query for the gift.

Doesn't the "original" (not the monosock) php-demo-client store such info as hidden-variables in the html forms?

2. In order to change the way images are matched I have to fiddle
around with the settings of Classical IDF.
I think I have to tweak the settings in gift-config, right ? But where
exactly shall I begin ? Wolfgang, you said
something about a "configuring and hacking the gift" guide as a
starting point. Where can we find it ?

Those settings can be set by the mrml client. But perhaps the defaults can be set elsewhere... Using the demo-php-client I was able to toggle four options and set a pruning level, for classical IDF. I used that to play around before I wrote my own highly specific (hard coded collections, parameters, etc) mrml-client that does what I need and nothing more.

3. The image append function and more real-life based options for speed
and convenience ( as listed by Jonas )
are not yet implented in

True, but appending can be done by performing the steps "manually", so it should be pretty easy to assemble a non-generic script for your specific needs. As for speed... I haven't tried any similar commercial systems, but considering its price, I'm quite happy with the GIFT... :-)


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