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Re: Client storing query state (was Re: [help-GIFT] Adding and removing

From: Kamil Wencel
Subject: Re: Client storing query state (was Re: [help-GIFT] Adding and removing images to/from gift)
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 17:54:26 +0200
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yes, that's true but it doesn't help much. It is only of value as long
as the user is seeing
the thumbnails which are displayed by the mrml output client script.
Try to imagine the users click path:

- search images ( query )
- get search results ( page with gift results as thumbnails )
-- now the users wants to see the article and clicks on the thumbnails
   will redirect him to the article page
-- now the users want's to go back to the search results because this
   was not what he was looking for.

the last step will always fail if you deploy the system with hidden
input fields, because
the former page used to be a posted one so the browser will not go
back. The only way to
solve this problem is to store what the user selected before - either
in gift itself ( which
is deprecated ) or somewhere inbetween.

So you can do what my client does. It establishes a unique interface
session ID and stores the required state on the machine where the
interface is running, passing the interface session ID as a hidden
field. I do this in a quick and dirty file in /tmp, but you could make
it as nice as you like on the (interface) server, using proper
server-side sessions, etc.
Hi David,

is it possible to use my already existent php session id's when initiating the query or do I have to use the session id's offered and link them to the users php session id. Both cases would eliminate the need to supply hidden post / get data but using the already existing php session
id's would be much more elegant I think.

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