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Re: traveling for a few days

From: Bertrand Garrigues
Subject: Re: traveling for a few days
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2022 12:13:11 +0200
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Hi Werner,

On Sat, Apr 23 2022 at 05:33:26 PM, Werner LEMBERG <> wrote:
> 'gnulib' now supports non-recursive builds natively.  You want to have
> a look at the following patch from `ttfautohint` that demonstrates how
> to update this feature.

Thanks for pointing out this commit,

On Sat, Apr 23 2022 at 03:20:21 PM, Dave Kemper <> wrote:
> Bjarni foretold of this in  The
> report includes a suggested fix.

Yes; thanks to Bjarni too for reporting that.

I saw no issue so I've pushed the changes on master, and closed tickets
62205 and 61708.



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