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RE: [GNUnet-developers] window port of gnunet-peer-info

From: Jan Marco Alkema
Subject: RE: [GNUnet-developers] window port of gnunet-peer-info
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:43:28 -0800

Hello Krista,

>I'm doing the Windows port under Cygwin. I hope that gives you enough to
think about until I get stuff online. :)

I'll wait and see for your port to Cygwin --). I have worked shortly with
Cygwin. I find the way of software distribution of Cygwin perfect. It
retrieves the source from depot servers automatically when I tested it. N.B.
I have Microsoft Visual studio (NET) running on mine computer. Visual studio
works good and has a lot of tools.

For mine understanding of gnunetd I will 'make' fshcore. Currently I am
studying the source of vsftdp. I have a merge in mind of gnunetd and vsftpd.
Let port 21 be the "text client portal" of gnunet/vsftpd. Vsftpd is
programmed as "service".  In the merge you can use besides the normal FTP
commands (get, put, mget, mput, etc) the gnunet specific commands (insert,
download, search, etc). N.B. I'll let port 2086 the gnunet specific port.

In the vsftpd log I see that a not resolvable person (maybe a hacker) reads
something of mine server via vsftpd.

Tue Feb 04 22:29:21 2003 1 11696 /lib/ b _
o a address@hidden ftp 0 * c

Another not resolvable person takes a file out of mine /lib directory.

Fri Feb 07 19:43:23 2003 5 40200 /lib/ b _ o a
IEUser@ ftp 0 * I

Assumption: If you merge vsftpd and gnunet then you get more control over
your own (Linux/Windows) server.

Greetings Jan Marco

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