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[GNUnet-developers] Network load of Gnunet

From: Jan Marco Alkema
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Network load of Gnunet
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 18:51:06 -0800

Hello Igor (Christian),

The last CVS release of gnunet is very stable. It seems to work better. I
think because of the reduction of old hostkeys ---)
N.B. Performance of Linear searching depends very on the number of hostkeys.

>> Not all nodes between sender and receiver have to check the author's sign
on the "list of files". N.B If mine server will be used as "router" for
files/blocks I want money for it! (Simple implementation: transfer only
between sender and receiver gnunetd Ip address. Peer to peer vsftpd is very
good code for that purpose).

> GNUnet economics is there to make sure that if your node doesn't
benefit the network (i.e. doesn't act as a public router or
share files of its own), your node will be considered untrusted
and will not be served by other nodes in the network in the
times of load. In other words, in gnunet either you participate
or you're a beggar - it goes also the another way around. In
gnunet, bytes are money, and other nodes want that. If you
don't give (pay), you're nothing. This is of course an
oversimplification but I hope this gets through. This might
not be what you want, but certainly is what the network is
and what it will aspire to be: a system resistant to freeloaders.

I have one file shared on mine ADSL server. I haven't download much on mine
ADSL server for at least a week. I don't think someone else downloaded mine
shared file (cdfoon).

The network load on mine ADSL server is 854,416/3 =284 Mb/day. See appendix
for the details.

In mine point of view gnunetd should not have a lot (for instance 284
Mb/day) of network load in idle situation. See it like the load of a "NTP
demon". Only if I want to download a release of a distribution the network
load should rise. The zipped (and encrypted) files of the release I don't
have locally are send to me on a "peer to peer" basis. In "the database"
every one should be able to check what files I have. They don't have the
query on a "free format" manner like gnutella.

I have not studied the breakdown of the network traffic yet. Maybe there are
blocks send to me I don't request for,

Greetings Jan Marco

Appendix adsl status output:

# adsl status

                        ADSL STATUS

3 dagen, 35 minuten en 51 seconden online (of 72 uur)

Sessie verbruik sinds Thursday Feb  6 16:00:28:
Ontvangen               Verzonden               Totaal
372.649 MB              481.767 MB              854.416 MB

Uw verbruik van de maand februari is:   854 MB
Uw totale ADSL verbruik is:             854.416 MB

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