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Re: [Enigma-devel] Enigma level problems (0.81).

From: Tarim
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Enigma level problems (0.81).
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 16:13:04 +0100
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Bernd Müller-Zimmermann writes:
> Unsolvable levels.
>   I hate to say that and maybe I'm just too stupid to figure out
>   the solution myself. So I'm not asking for help. You might just
>   check these levels for yourself.

>   - ant14.lua (Enigma #91 "Dancers")
>     I can solve this level at home but not on the PC in my office.
>     (I shouldn't be doing this anyway :-).)
>     The moving speed of the bolders depends too much on the speed
>     of the CPU, they are just too fast.

  Although people have commented that the boulders have become desynced in 
version 0.90 this doesn't seem to be what Bernd is complaining of.  He is 
pointing out that it's a bad idea to have the speed of anything in the game be 
dependent on CPU speed.

>   - duffy14.lua (Enigma #125 "Slinky-Racing")
>     Running along the north wall I have to push two woods into the
>     water. But the second water field also has a bomb and pushing
>     the wood into the water explodes the bomb and creates an abyss,
>     which I can't cross.

  As far as Tarim can tell, he agrees that this is unsolvable in 0.81.  An 
extra clue is that a more recent version of duffy14.lua was checked in shortly 
after the release of 0.81, which is solvable.  You might also want to upgrade 
ant11.lua ("Cannonball") as the gravity is a bit too strong in 0.81.  (Or could 
this be another case of things being dependent on CPU speed?)

>   - ralf05.lua (Enigma 2 # 71 "Stay There!)
>     The 8 impulse stones in the lower room are movable. I start with
>     moving one of them them north. It will pulse each time I hit it.
>     But after the first corner the stone stops pulsing as I hit it.
>     So it can't make the other corners because it is not getting
>     impulses back from the stones in the wall.

  This is the only level in 0.81 Tarim hasn't managed to solve (or seen an 
upgrade for).  It looks like there is a bug where moveable impulse stones lose 
their impulse if they are "hit" before they have finished their previous 
impulse.  Is this bug a side effect of animations and game logic being too 
closely coupled?  Tarim seems to remember playing around with models-2d.lua, 
and increasing the value 55 in the following lines to something larger, showed 
the bug much better, but he couldn't find a way of fixing it.

   def_anim("stoneimpulse-anim1", buildframes(frames, 55))
   def_roundstone("st-stoneimpulse-anim1", "stoneimpulse-anim1")
   tinsert(frames, namelist[4]) -- add 1 frame to make closing anim longer!
   def_anim("stoneimpulse-anim2", reverseframes(buildframes(frames, 55)))

  Incidentally, Tarim is talking about the Windows version of 0.81 throughout 
this message.

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