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[Enigma-devel] Enigma level problems (0.81).

From: Bernd Müller-Zimmermann
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Enigma level problems (0.81).
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 17:40:37 +0200 (MEST)


I've enjoyed Enigma very much since I got version 0.81 on the
"c't" CD. As you plan for 0.90 I'd like so make a few notes
about the levels distributed with 0.81.

A) Duplicate levels.
   In the five level packs activated in the distribution (enigma,
   enigma2, clones_of_oxyd, esprit, sokoban) the following level
   files were used more then once:

   - level6e.lua
   - martin54.lua
   - meditation8.lua
   - ss4.lua

B) "Too short" solutions.

   Some levels have a very easy solution, but there are strong hints,
   that the author may have had something more complicated in mind:

   - ant19.lua (Enigma 2 #16 "Wells")

     Solution: Goto the right oxyd stone. Then hit the switch, then
     hit F3. Then goto the left oxyd stone.
     (What's the spring for?)

   - martin26.lua (Enigma #56 "Back and Forth")

     It looks, that you should send the bolders using the magicwand
     to hit the oxyd stones. But you can more easily turn the sense
     of the oneway doors using the wand. So the bolders are only

   - level6a.lua (Enigma #32 "Space Pirates")

     I'm not sure on this one, but here's the quick solution taking
     about 35 seconds:
     Plant one bomb between the woods and return to the starting point.
     Then enter the space tunnel going zig-zag, planting one dynamite
     stick west of the bomb and ending up in the north or south room.
     Then you can push the wood in the hole and use the space tunnel
     from there to get to the other room.
     (It doesn't use the laser, switches, hammer, money, and trigger

C) Other level problems.

   - level4d.lua (Enigma #14 "Pharaohs' Tombs")

     The document says "you lost!". However it is possible to get to
     the document from the south and still having the way open to the
     solution. Therefore the document isn't 100% correct.

D) Unsolvable levels.

   I hate to say that and maybe I'm just too stupid to figure out
   the solution myself. So I'm not asking for help. You might just
   check these levels for yourself.

   - ralf05.lua (Enigma 2 # 71 "Stay There!)

     The 8 impulse stones in the lower room are movable. I start with
     moving one of them them north. It will pulse each time I hit it.
     But after the first corner the stone stops pulsing as I hit it.
     So it can't make the other corners because it is not getting
     impulses back from the stones in the wall.

   - ant14.lua (Enigma #91 "Dancers")

     I can solve this level at home but not on the PC in my office.
     (I shouldn't be doing this anyway :-).)
     The moving speed of the bolders depends too much on the speed
     of the CPU, they are just too fast.

   - duffy14.lua (Enigma #125 "Slinky-Racing")

     Running along the north wall I have to push two woods into the
     water. But the second water field also has a bomb and pushing
     the wood into the water explodes the bomb and creates an abyss,
     which I can't cross.

Greetings from Berlin

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