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Re: [O] "user-error: No language for src block: (unnamed)" when running

From: Andreas Leha
Subject: Re: [O] "user-error: No language for src block: (unnamed)" when running `org-icalendar-combine-agenda-files`
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 21:19:56 +0100
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Just a small comment.

[ ... discussion of :caching of evaluation results ... ]

> For purely R-based work, Charles Berry’s ox-ravel package
> <https://github.com/chasberry/orgmode-accessories/blob/master/ox-ravel.org>
> is a very interesting approach, since it relies on the cache feature of
> knitr, which is capable of automatically detecting cross-block
> dependencies like the example above under some circumstances
> <http://yihui.name/knitr/demo/cache/>.  It would be interesting to see
> if that approach could be used to override :cache handling for ob-R,
> while falling back on org-babel’s less intelligent features for other
> languages (or in R environments that don’t have knitr available). 

That would be just awesome!


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