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Re: [O] "user-error: No language for src block: (unnamed)" when running

From: Charles C. Berry
Subject: Re: [O] "user-error: No language for src block: (unnamed)" when running `org-icalendar-combine-agenda-files`
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 13:19:52 -0700
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On Fri, 21 Aug 2015, Ista Zahn wrote:

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 11:04 AM, Nicolas Goaziou
<address@hidden> wrote:
Ista Zahn <address@hidden> writes:

I agree that it is safer. In my case its safer like a 10 MPH speed
limit. Safe yes, but too slow!

Doesn't Babel :cache property help here?

It does actually, to my surprise. I have not been using :cache because
the documentation says

"Note that the :cache header argument will not attempt to cache
results when the :session header argument is used"

and since I almost always use :session I didn't expect this to work.
To my surprise it does (at least with R source blocks, I haven't
tested yet with others). Can I now rely on this to work even with

AFAICS, (reading `org-babel-exp-do-export') if you do not use `:results silent' it will work.

Where this does not work is when `:results silent' is used.

This does not execute a second time:

#+BEGIN_SRC R :results output :session :cache yes

but changing to `:results silent' will run without updating the cached RESULTS (if any) every time.



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