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Re: [O] [OFF TOPIC] almost giving up on emacs email..looking for advice?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: [O] [OFF TOPIC] almost giving up on emacs email..looking for advice?
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 12:30:04 +0800
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Peter Salazar <address@hidden> writes:

> Like Fabrice, I also still process my email using the Gmail web
> interface. The only reason I want email within Emacs is so I can
> compose replies in a proper editor with all my keybindings. I tried
> Chrome's Edit with Emacs, but it loses line breaks when it sends the
> output from Emacs back to Gmail. So I prefer to write replies within
> Emacs.
> Since I only need a small fraction of my emails to go through Emacs, I
> set up mbsync to pull only my starred messages:
> Channel gmail-starred
> Master :gmail-remote:"[Gmail]/Starred" 
> Slave :gmail-local:starred
> Create Both
> Expunge Both
> SyncState *
> If this is of interest to you I can share my setup. 

I agree that having email accessible locally is key to making Gnus
usable. All my email is synced to local dovecot server, and Gnus
accesses that -- no lag at all. Sending messages is still a big pain,
though. I send using msmtp, and there's an add-on called msmtp-queue
that would apparently allow Gnus to hand off messages instantly, but
I've never spent the time to get it set up. I sure wish IMAP could
handle both sending and receiving messages!


> On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 8:23 AM, Peter Davis <address@hidden>
> wrote:
>     Fabrice Popineau <address@hidden> writes:
>     > On this thread, I will report quite a different user experience.
>     > I have been a long time user of emacs and Gnus (Emacs since
>     1987).
>     > I have been using (ding) Gnus under Windows NT in the late 90's
>     and up
>     > to about 2010.
>     >
>     > But now, I process my mail using the GMail browser interface.
>     > The reasons are mostly due to :
>     > - emacs is slow, chrome displays email more precisely and more
>     quickly
>     > - emacs is not multi-threaded, hence it may get stuck processing
>     > stuff.
>     > Using the browser to process mail allows me not to be disturbed
>     when
>     > I'm writing documents or programming using Emacs.
>     >
>     > I'll keep and eye on the solutions that have been reported here
>     > though.
>     Interesting. I use a variety of email clients, mainly
>     browser-based ones (GMail, Fastmail), Thunderbird, and gnus. I
>     keep gnus in
>     the arsenal for three main reasons:
>     1) I can do everything quickly without having to move my hands
>     from the keyboard. If there isn't already a shortcut for what I
>     want,
>     I can add one.
>     2) I need a decent editor for replies. I have not found a
>     browser-based client that has this.
>     3) To bring this somewhat back on topic, I've recently discovered
>     org capture, and I love the fact that I can capture a note with a
>     link to a specific email message.
>     That last feature alone is reason enough for me. FWIW, I'm on a
>     Mac, and I generally use Gnu emacs for editing, programming, etc.,
>     and use Aquamacs for running gnus. This avoids any latency
>     problems, etc.
>     -pd

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