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Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.

From: Charles Cave
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 22:39:07 +1000
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Hi Alex,

> I am currently using a system that isn't
that different from it, but I am trying to figure out the "best" way
to use Org-mode for GTD.

I don't think there is any "best" way to use GTD system or org-mode
for that matter.  One of the core principles of GTD is creating
lists of next actions organised by context. A context is some
restraint that only allows the action to be done in a particular
place, time, or with particular resources.

my first instinct would be to group all my work next actions under
specific headlines (e.g., hardware, software, etc.) since I work in
different areas.

I think that is a good idea because when you review your "system"...
the org-mode file you can use these headlines if hardware, software,
etc as a checklist for the question "Are there any outstanding actions
on this equipment?".

>  It's not
really a context since while I am at work, I can work on any number of
tasks in the different areas. The context talks about what it is I
need, where I need to be, or a type of activity. Maybe I overlooked
something, but it seems like another dimension to the problem.

Maybe WORK is a sufficient context for your office related
activities. I don't think you need to break it down any further than

How does this relate to Org-mode? In Org-mode I see different
approaches to how one could structure these lists:

- Outlines
- Tags
- ToDo keywords
- Categories (files)

The lists can be structured anyway you want, but the strength of org-mode is scanning your whole file to build up a list of lines
matching a tag.  Organising the actions under specific category tags
is extra (unnecessary) work since org-mode does it for you.
Keeping the actions in context with other items may make more sense.

Let me add my context tags to yourlist

o Call the bank about personal statements   :PHONE:
o Go to post office to buy stamps  :ERRANDS:
o Wait for SysAdmin to finish server install :WAITING:
o Hang new pictures at home :HOME:
o Discuss new development process with boss  :BOSS:
    (Create a tag for items (agenda) to discuss with your boss
o Read through vendor proposal  :READING:
   (Can this reading be done at home or on your train trip to
     work? Reading is one of those activities that can be done almost
o Server Install project at work    :OFFICE:
o Install software upgrade on laptop :OFFICE:
o Learn more about font-lock in Org-mode :OFFICE:

So when you are at the office, you display the tags for OFFICE.

If you set up a meeting with your boss, you search for :BOSS so you
get the most out of your meeting with the boss.

When you are reviewing what you are waiting for, use the WAITING tag.

During your lunch break, you search for ERRANDS.

I am really looking forward to hear what people who are already using
GTD with Org-mode suggest and hope that those how are not familiar
with GTD may still find the discussion interesting.

I'm still refining my system with org-mode so I am keen to hear from
others on this.


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