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[Orgmode] Bug when following a link (org-open-at-point)

From: Stephan Schmitt
Subject: [Orgmode] Bug when following a link (org-open-at-point)
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 11:41:48 +0200
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i just downloaded org-mode 4.50 and
got an error when i tried to follow
an internal link (C-c C-o, Mouse-2).

i traced the problem back to following
function in org.el:

(defun org-file-remote-p (file)
 "Test whether FILE specifies a location on a remote system.
Return non-nil if the location is indeed remote.

For example, the filename \"/address@hidden:/foo\" specifies a location
on the system \"/address@hidden:\"."
 (cond ((fboundp 'file-remote-p)
        (file-remote-p file))
       ((fboundp 'tramp-handle-file-remote-p)
        (tramp-handle-file-remote-p file))
       ((and (boundp 'ange-ftp-name-format)
             (string-match ange-ftp-name-format file))
       (t nil)))

the third condition (string-match ange-ftp-name-format file)
tries to match a list against a string,

(defcustom ange-ftp-name-format
 '("^/\\(\\([^@/:]*\\)@\\)?\\([^@/:]*[^@/:.]\\):\\(.*\\)" . (3 2 4))
 "*Format of a fully expanded remote file name.

This is a list of the form \(REGEXP HOST USER NAME\),
where REGEXP is a regular expression matching
the full remote name, and HOST, USER, and NAME are the numbers of
parenthesized expressions in REGEXP for the components (in that order)."
 :group 'ange-ftp
 :type '(list regexp
               (integer :tag "Host group")
               (integer :tag "User group")
               (integer :tag "Name group")))

i solved the problem by changing the condition
(string-match ange-ftp-name-format file)
(string-match (car ange-ftp-name-format) file)

best regards,

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