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[Orgmode] Another GTD question.

From: Alex Bochannek
Subject: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:03:35 -0700
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I have been following a lot of the discussions about how people use
Org-mode to implement GTD. I am currently using a system that isn't
that different from it, but I am trying to figure out the "best" way
to use Org-mode for GTD.

Let us say that your primary use for your GTD org file is the lists,
which is what most people have reported they do. For the purpose of
this discussion I am leaving out the whole tickler file concept.

Looking at Charles Cave's example Web page, he uses a mix of grouping
projects and contexts in outlines. I am in a similar situation where
my first instinct would be to group all my work next actions under
specific headlines (e.g., hardware, software, etc.) since I work in
different areas.

In a way, GTD is somewhat fuzzy about how to address this. It's not
really a context since while I am at work, I can work on any number of
tasks in the different areas. The context talks about what it is I
need, where I need to be, or a type of activity. Maybe I overlooked
something, but it seems like another dimension to the problem.

How does this relate to Org-mode? In Org-mode I see different
approaches to how one could structure these lists:

- Outlines
- Tags
- ToDo keywords
- Categories (files)

They all have their pros and cons and I wonder if we could
collectively come up with a good usage model. Let me propose a couple
of items and that could be a starting point for discussion. I am
purposely trying to pick examples that should cover the common
categories listed in the book. I am also "borrowing" from Charles
Cave's page:

o Call the bank about personal statements
o Go to post office to buy stamps
o Wait for SysAdmin to finish server install
o Hang new pictures at home
o Discuss new development process with boss
o Read through vendor proposal
o Server Install project at work
o Install software upgrade on laptop
o Learn more about font-lock in Org-mode

The examples are fictional (well, except the last one), but I think
they are all plausible.

I am really looking forward to hear what people who are already using
GTD with Org-mode suggest and hope that those how are not familiar
with GTD may still find the discussion interesting.


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