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[Orgmode] Re: Another GTD question.

From: Uwe Jochum
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Another GTD question.
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 16:18:48 +0200
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Since orgmode has the ability to collect the information that is
distributed on different files into one agenda view, I do it this way:

I have for each of my complex projects its own org-file. At the head of
that file I place my todo-list that is connected to the given project,
below that comes everything else: notes, outlines and drafts; if I have
to write more than one paper for that project, I link it to the project
master file (the file with the todo-list). That gives me the context I
need. I add this file to the list of agenda files, et voilĂ : the
todo-list of that specific file shows up in my daily/weekly agenda
view. I think this is what you intend with "categories" (files).

I use tags for meta-information (if I may say so): a tag "research" is
used for an item of my todo-list (of whatever org-file) that has to do
with research. Well... This way I can see all my research-related
actions or todos, regardless in which file this information is burried.

For simple todos that are not connected to complex projects but collect
things that have to be done somehow, sooner or later, I use a separate
task-file that collects all of this stuff.

I don't know if this is the "reine Lehre" (pure philosophy) of GTD, but
in my view it comes more or less close to that.



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