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Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.

From: Christopher Kuettner
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Another GTD question.
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 12:07:38 +0200
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to use Org-mode for GTD.
; self-documenting org-mode gtd-outline

* @today
** TODO [#A] next action items I have to do today (hard landscape)
** TODO [#B] actions I want to do today (to plan ahead gives my day some flow, since I work at home alone
** TODO [#B] I do: org-agenda-include-diary t
** TODO [#B] agenda is set to org-agenda-include-all-todo t
** TODO [#B] so I can work nicely off the daily *Agenda* while at computer (*Agenda* = hard landscape)
* @waiting for
- a list
- with waiting-for items
* @agenda
- another plain list
  - sometimes I have more than one
  - topic to share with a give persona
- actually this list is named @messaging because agenda is an org-mode reserved word
* @todo
 1. a sorted list of all my other next actions for @computer,
 2. @phone, @office, @desk contexts
 3. I sort roughly in the order I want to tackle them
 4. I try to get them all done 'til the next weekly review
5. again: since working from home there are not that much interruptions, so the whole gtdish @whatyoucandonow has to emulate some workday-structure too.
 6. when @today is empty I work off this list
* @projects
 1. sorted list of projects inventory
2. I try to have only the projects her, I am working on this week or the next
 3. project support materials are in directories in my home-dir
* someday
 ** already commited but not this week
 DROPLINE: <some date to speed me up>
* maybe
 ** whatever I have in this bucket comes
 ** sorted by importance because it is so much
* Special Areas Of Focus
** a structure of my
*** working environment
**** and it's subsets
**** like for example 'office management
**** or 'mac maintenance
** as a checklist to
*** gain overview while higher-level thinking is enabled
*** or to spin of new projects during weekly review
* daily major activities
I have a table here with things I want to do daily/weekly on a regular basis. Normally I print this out and mark the fields 'done after completion thorough the week.
* incoming
Some lines of text that tend to get appended her by some scripts or my hands from the device driver's CLI environment. (I run MAC OS X as device driver for my Emacs OS)

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