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Re: [Dolibarr-user] Translatiion

From: Destailleur Laurent
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-user] Translatiion
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 18:43:27 +0100

When transfixes in "more info" say the key is "XXX" and if you don't find the key XXX anywhere into the github code (except *.lang files), this just mean, this key is no more use, so you can discard translation.
This is the case for "BillsUnpaid", so i removed it from source file. Should disappear soon from transifex.

We are aware that providing the "context" info into transifex would make things easier, but, well, we are missing volunteer to do this work ;-)

Before having this information filled, the best way to progress without spending too much time is to translate only key that you are sure of translation.

2014-03-21 16:23 GMT+01:00 Torsten Appelhagen <address@hidden>:
Hi Raphaël,

thanks for your quick answer, but I don't think this will really help (me ;-)).

I'll give an example:

There are some unpaid invoices in the system. When I click on the number, I can see the full list (/compta/facture/impayees.php).

Here I notice that the header item "Taxes" is not translated at all (should be "Steuern" or eventually "MwSt") and also "Pendent" is not a German word.
I was able to locate "Pendent" by using github, but searching for "Taxes" is quite ridiculous (173 results)!

The other way round:

Ressource "bills", 10th item is "Unpaid". The key im "More Info" reads "BillsUnpaid". When I enter the latter into github search there are no results.

May be I'm just too dumb, but I cannot afford spending time just for finding out where to change something, I'm sorry.

Have a nice weekend,

Hi Torsten,

Our translation system is based on codes.

You may want to use the github search engine to find CODES<=>"Language
string" relationships and the reverse. I just tried and it seems to work
as expected.

In Transifex, you can find the code under "More details" > "Key". (Based
on the french version of the tool…)

Let us know if that works for you and feel free to update the translator
documentation while you're at it.

Thanks :D

2014-03-21 15:48 GMT+01:00 Torsten Appelhagen <address@hidden


    I've started translation in the meantime. I have some troubles with
    that anyway, maybe someone can work it out for me:

    When I'm working with dolibarr and see a missing or wrong
    translation, how do I find that inside Transifex?

    On the other hand, when I'm logged in to Transifex I only see
    "fragments" what still needs translation but without context. This
    makes it extremely difficult to do it since there are a lot of
    wordings which could be senseless if used the wrong way. So how can
    I find where a specific term is used in Dolibarr?

    Also I noticed there are some duplicates what probably means the
    same text is translated for different parts...?


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