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[Tof-general] tof 1.3.2 experiences

From: Miguel Koren O´ Brien de Lacy
Subject: [Tof-general] tof 1.3.2 experiences
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 19:43:18 -0300

I have TOF 1.3.2 up and running.!! (you can see my, as yet unfinished, result 

I did have some problems getting the pictures into it. These are the comments:

1) It appears that no single quotes are allowed in names, is this a known 
limitation? Just in case I did not put single quotations in picture 
descriptions. Any comment about this?
2) What is the "normal" view menu supposed to do? Nothing seems to happen.
3) How can I make TOF use cookies that expire when the browser is closed? I 
tried setting 0 in slooze_local.php (in 2 places for $lifetime) but it still 
generates active_session values in the database.
4) I could not get "add all photos" to work with the checkbox on the screen 
where you create (register) the roll in the first place. It only puts in the 
first photo and then gave me duplicate key errors like this: 

"Database error: Invalid SQL: insert into permissions (GroupID,PictureID) 
values (7,2)
 PostgreSQL Error: 1 (ERROR: Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index 
permissions_groupid_key )
 Session halted.

These types of errors happen frequently in other screens and most of the time 
you can hit "back" and try again and it works. Any suggestion about what is 

The screen where you add pictures to a roll (I now understand that a ROLL is 
really a directory and sub-directory!) has the add all pictures working fine, 
but they are only shown in thumbnail form. When you try to see the enlarged 
version you get this error:

The requested URL /photos.php&PictureID=6&Position=1 was not found on this 

The only way I could get pictures into the database was to add them one by 
one in the Add picture screen Any idea why this happens?

5) The system did not send the users mails with their logins and passwords. I 
checked the maillog to be sure. Any ideas?

I saw that a person that just wants to set up a basic photo album (with as 
little pain as possible :-) may have quite a problem figuring out how TOF 
works. Not to mention actually installing it!! Do you have any plans to write 
a users manual?

Another comment I have is that ifrom the SQL syntax point of view, t looks 
like it will not be hard to implement this for MySql. But a question about 
this remains after I analyzed the table creation scripts: do you rely on 
referential integrity to delete orphaned rows? This is the one issue that can 
cause problems with MySql. Anyway, I plan on having this done (if possible) 
next week.

By the way, thanks for your script that generates the -w and -t images. It 
worked great for me because my camera has .JPG (Upper case) files, so I just 
changed the png line to JPG.  I also experimented with sizes but I think you 
found a good default solution.


P.S. regarding the postgreSQL instances running, it appears you are right. 
There seems to be one per httpd instance. I will keep this under observation.

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