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Re: [Tof-general] Directory Permissions

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: [Tof-general] Directory Permissions
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 23:30:22 +0100
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>>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Koren O´ Brien de Lacy <address@hidden> writes:

  Miguel> I just want to confirm the minimum directory permissions I
  Miguel> need. I set up $basePath and created a directory for a user
  Miguel> under it. This directory I left with the default permissions
  Miguel> set up by the server. Then I created a directories for 2
  Miguel> rolls (photos-digital and photos-scanned). The permissions I
  Miguel> used for those directories are:

  Miguel> 700 nobody nobody (the apache user is "nobody")

  Miguel> and the photos themselves are set to:

  Miguel> 600 nobody nobody

  Miguel> Is this correct?

I think so.

  Miguel> The other questions is about "rolls". If I want to classify
  Miguel> the pictures as "travel" and "business" for example, would
  Miguel> they need to be in the same "roll"? I have some scanned and
  Miguel> some digital pictures which would fit in the same category
  Miguel> and I wonder if I should have just ONE roll for my user? The
  Miguel> deeper question is "what is the purpose of the roll"?

Rolls are supposed to correspond to the physical rolls of non digital
cameras. I usually name them after the numbers my lab stick on the
negatives so that I can find them more easily. All this does not make
any sense with digital cameras of course.

Topics are meant to group pictures by subjects. I personnaly have
topics such as Holidays, Weddings, Climbing, etc. I prepared the
database structure so that one picture can belong to any number of
topics, but the user interface does not allow yet to do that.

Another way of grouping pictures is with keywords. Keywords can sort
of be typed (or tagged). For instance you can declare a type "person"
and then classify pictures by person (this is the "Keyword sort"

I wish all that were more consistent. My goal would be to allow
dynamic grouping with keyword searchs. A kind of search engine with
query refinement.

Laurent Martelli

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