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Re: [Tof-general] tof 1.3.2 experiences

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: [Tof-general] tof 1.3.2 experiences
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 13:33:05 +0100
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>>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Koren O´ Brien de Lacy <address@hidden> writes:

  Miguel> I have TOF 1.3.2 up and running.!! (you can see my, as yet
  Miguel> unfinished, result at

Congratulations ! :-)

  Miguel> I did have some problems getting the pictures into it. These
  Miguel> are the comments:

  Miguel> 1) It appears that no single quotes are allowed in names, is
  Miguel> this a known limitation? Just in case I did not put single
  Miguel> quotations in picture descriptions. Any comment about this?

It looks like it is not allowed in FrameID. It also looks like it's a
bug. And it should be easy to fix that. You should use addslashes(). 

It fixed in the latest cvs.

  Miguel> 2) What is the "normal" view menu supposed to do? Nothing
  Miguel> seems to happen.  

The normal view does not allow you to modify pictures (but you can
still add keywords).

  Miguel> 3) How can I make TOF use cookies that expire when the
  Miguel> browser is closed? I tried setting 0 in slooze_local.php (in
  Miguel> 2 places for $lifetime) but it still generates
  Miguel> active_session values in the database.

If you don't want these in the database, you may want to try the
shared memory stuff of phplib. 

Instead of 

        class My_CT_Sql extends CT_Sql {


        class My_CT_Sql extends CT_Shm {

(or something like that). And don't forget to require(""). 

  Miguel> 4) I could not get "add all photos" to work with the
  Miguel> checkbox on the screen where you create (register) the roll
  Miguel> in the first place. It only puts in the first photo and then
  Miguel> gave me duplicate key errors like this:

  Miguel> "Database error: Invalid SQL: insert into permissions
  Miguel> (GroupID,PictureID) values (7,2) PostgreSQL Error: 1 (ERROR:
  Miguel> Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index
  Miguel> permissions_groupid_key ) Session halted.

Well this is a bug :-\ It should now be fixed in the latest CVS.

  Miguel> These types of errors happen frequently in other screens and
  Miguel> most of the time you can hit "back" and try again and it
  Miguel> works. Any suggestion about what is happening?

  Miguel> The screen where you add pictures to a roll (I now
  Miguel> understand that a ROLL is really a directory and
  Miguel> sub-directory!) has the add all pictures working fine, but
  Miguel> they are only shown in thumbnail form. When you try to see
  Miguel> the enlarged version you get this error:

  Miguel> The requested URL /photos.php&PictureID=6&Position=1 was not
  Miguel> found on this server.

  Miguel> The only way I could get pictures into the database was to
  Miguel> add them one by one in the Add picture screen Any idea why
  Miguel> this happens?

I can't reproduce this one. Maybe I fixed it without knowing. Check
the latest version in CVS.

  Miguel> 5) The system did not send the users mails with their logins
  Miguel> and passwords. I checked the maillog to be sure. Any ideas?

... one more bug ...

Fixed in CVS.

  Miguel> I saw that a person that just wants to set up a basic photo
  Miguel> album (with as little pain as possible :-) may have quite a
  Miguel> problem figuring out how TOF works. Not to mention actually
  Miguel> installing it!! Do you have any plans to write a users
  Miguel> manual?

Not really. But I've improved the README thanks to your questions. And
I will probably improve it as more questions are asked. If you want to
write more docs, you're welcome :-) 

I must also admit that the UI is not very convenient for some
actions. Feel free to enhance it :-)

  Miguel> Another comment I have is that ifrom the SQL syntax point of
  Miguel> view, t looks like it will not be hard to implement this for
  Miguel> MySql. But a question about this remains after I analyzed
  Miguel> the table creation scripts: do you rely on referential
  Miguel> integrity to delete orphaned rows? This is the one issue
  Miguel> that can cause problems with MySql. Anyway, I plan on having
  Miguel> this done (if possible) next week.

Yes, I rely a bit on this. But it should not be too much work to
handle it in the program itself.

Laurent Martelli

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