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[Tof-general] Directory Permissions

From: Miguel Koren O´ Brien de Lacy
Subject: [Tof-general] Directory Permissions
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 15:27:44 -0300
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I just want to confirm the minimum directory permissions I need. I set up $basePath and created a directory for a user under it. This directory I left with the default permissions set up by the server. Then I created a directories for 2 rolls (photos-digital and photos-scanned). The permissions I used for those directories are:

700 nobody nobody (the apache user is "nobody")

and the photos themselves are set to:

600 nobody nobody

Is this correct?

The other questions is about "rolls". If I want to classify the pictures as "travel" and "business" for example, would they need to be in the same "roll"? I have some scanned and some digital pictures which would fit in the same category and I wonder if I should have just ONE roll for my user? The deeper question is "what is the purpose of the roll"?


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