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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Setting up local mail delivery

From: James Mohr
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Setting up local mail delivery
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 18:58:56 +0200
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On Tuesday 14 June 2005 12:56, Brian Johnson wrote:
> Just butting in here ...

Please feel free...

> James Mohr (address@hidden) wrote:
> > I manage several datacenters for online brokers, web shops, application
> > hosting, etc and we a number of mechanisms that report things via email
> > and they all use the local MTA ("local" in email terminology, not the
> > "local machine"). All of the applications were written by other companies
> > (HP, Dell, etc) and they all call the sendmail binary. (I know as we hade
> > renamed it and they barfed on us). Granted, connecting to the SMTP port
> > works regardless. Most data centers I know of have port 25 disabled
> > except for the few machines that are directly involved in accepting email
> > **from other machines**. Are you referring to opening sockets yourself as
> > a de facto or a de jur standard?
> Are you referring to sendmail as the local MTA?
> It sounds like you are using sendmail as the local MTA to which you refer.
> Sendmail is AN MTA.  It can be configured for local use only.

Since there is one package installed, it is *the* MTA, but I am fully aware of 
the fact that there are many other MTAs.

> The same sendmail that it sounds like you currently use can also be used as
> the phpgw email MTA but "phpgw needs to connect via the smtp port"

Well, if I am going to go through the work of configuring anything, I am 
inclined to use postfix rather than sendmail, but the result is the same. 
> > Excuse me. In which of my posts did I mention the word "hard" or what
> > phrases did I use to give you the impression that I though it was "hard".
> >  In my very first post I said "I don't (yet) want to go through the work
> > of setting up either an imap or pop3 server." There was nothing about the
> > difficulty about installing it.  Granted, I have probably used more time
> > reply to emails than I would have configuring postfix, but that happens
> > sometimes.
> The phrase you quote is what gave me the impression that you thought it
> would be hard (hard as in time consuming).  However, subsequent posts also
> pointed out that pop3 and imap were not required, just smtp.

Well, it is time consuming. Since I have probably spent more time with these 
posts than I have every when my local MTA didn't work correctly, I personally 
do not have a problem with simply using the mail() function. However, I 
understand the necessities of talking to directly to the SMTP server, 
especially when dealing with multiple users potentially on multiple servers. 

> > My experience says that the "masses" of machines, particularly in a
> > professional environment do not have SMTP running.
> I acknowledge freely that my experience is limited, but I typically run
> sendmail or postfix on my servers and use it to forward system emails to my
> main mail server.  They may not accept smtp connections, but they use smtp
> to make them (for readers who don't have much experience with email
> systems, it is typically the same software, just configuration changes)

> At this point I forget what you were originally trying to do.  Was this for
> calendar notifications?

I think so. ;-)

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