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[Phpgroupware-users] Modularised OO

From: Matt
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Modularised OO
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 10:42:01 -0000

It might be an idea to split up tasks.

Now don't all scream at once I will explain what I mean by that.

The way I see PGW is a core set of API (such as user authentication, cookies
handling etc) and a number of potentially powerful applications.

In a good design I would expect there to be fairly clear boundaries between
app and core.  I will assume that is what we have and carry on.

In order to "slim line" the code it would be good IMHO to separate apps into
modules designed to run with the PGW core.  Some I feel need to get there
own Sourceforge area so that they can be developed for PGW more fully.

By documenting fully our core we might stimulate other developers to create
applications that run with it - thus expanding the range and scope of our
project with little or no additional effort.

There would be a number of requirements to enable this:

-Add/remove app - this would need to be added or documented as necessary.  I
have a few ideas how this could work.
-API "fully exposed" and documented - nothing that shouldn't already be

that's it, that is all that is really required.  Of course it would be good
to so wrap up each module to install uninstall and be distributed separate
from the core but let us start with the first step.

An optional steps might be

-Creation of standard "wrappers" to handle: theme "immersion", user
authentication, and standardisation of any internal core protocols.
-Publication of core system standards

Now if some applications were removed from PGW and set up to be optionally
added then we would have a handful of projects but a fast and efficient
download and install.

Development could be split into three clearly identified fields:

-Maintenance of a specified app, module or API
-Development of apps, modules and API
-Creation of additional GUI elements that allow users new ways to look at

It should, in theory, be easier to maintain, simpler to weed out dead bits
and more pleasant to debug.  In this way it is feasible that some-one
wishing to help could find a section to "look after" that fits both their
time and skill.

It would not be unreasonable to create wrappers for an existing open source
app and instantly have it available to add to the system should the user

Heck, I see no particular reason why a dedicated developer would be unable
to use the project (then) to say take on Yahoo and win.

Feedback, comments and ideas?

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