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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] little wish list entry

From: Alex Borges
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] little wish list entry
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:36:51 -0600
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Matt wrote:

Would it not be simple enough to add class="someclassname" to each html
element so that a simple CSS could provide the style.
This is the way the next version will be done. We are working in a class and id standard namespace for all of phpgroupware...

I imagine that a simple editor could "save" preferences into a CSS file
after all it is only a plain text file.

further more by using two files "user.css" and "system.css" and requiring
system then user file users would gain additional control... thinking about
it there is no reason I can think of why a good "theme engine" shouldn't
allow such control secondary to a theme setting etc.

The login system appears to be a detect is logged in and a form followed by
a response PHP... so correct me if I am wrong but the login box could be (or
maybe is) separated into it's own file.  Now one could easily call that box
into another PHP file via require("loginbox.php") or whatever the syntax is
(it escapes me this morning).  This would allow public site integration of
the system if desired.

As it is. It doesnt work that way.... we have templates, (almost) no html in php files but we strive for none at all.

On this front does any one know how the user authentication API are exposed
and how to use them?  If this was available then developer inclined persons
would be able to integrate other projects with the system for greater

phpgwapi.accounts (phpgwapi/ ... accounts_sql....accounts_ldap)



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Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] little wish list entry

Hi folks,

since I installed a fresh, new I am looking deeply into phpgw
again and find lots of new things that had not been in 0.9.12 (last I
looked deep into). :-)

Now I can even change colours on the login screen - great! But I am missing
two features: getting rid of the blue frame of the login field (looks ugly
if you change everything to warm colours), and the background colour of the
login field is always grey.

Would be nice in 1.0 to have a config for that also.


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