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[Phpgroupware-users] Registration app in Version 16...

From: Don Graver (dgraver)
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Registration app in Version 16...
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 12:58:23 +0100

Anyone gotten the registration app in Version 16 to work?  I keep
getting the following error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_var() in

I have tried including the /phpgwapi/inc/common_functions file, but then
I get the errors about redefining a function that has already been
called.  Registration has some of the same functions as
phpgwapi/inc/functions, so I know that is the reason for the error, but
I still can't get the thing to work even after removing the duplicate

Any suggestions?

Ps. I had it working in, but I am currently working with the
cvs version

-- Don Graver

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From: jef peeraer [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 12:00 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] users & groups 

i installed the latest version, which is My user and group
are located in an ldap database. I can see all my users in phpgroupware,

that's ok. I can't see the primary group a user belongs too when i edit
user. This is already defined in ldap, but doesn't show up in the
list. i have to manually select it for each user. is this normal
behaviour or 
is it a bug ?


ps this is the only thing that stops me from using the phpgroupware tool

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