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What does this error really mean?

From: Ben Hartshorne
Subject: What does this error really mean?
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 17:05:23 -0700
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I've got this error sprinkled through my logs.  I'm curious what it
actually means. 

GENERIC: error receiving data -- Resource temporarily unavailable

At what point did the test fail?  Did it...
* fail to open a local port for the outgoing connection?
* TCP handshake fail?
* ICMP message returned (refused, unavailable, etc.)
* apache 503 error?

Here's the relevant section of the monit config file:

check host Google with address
        start program = "/bin/true"
        stop program = "/bin/true"
        if 3 restarts within 4 cycles then timeout
      if failed url
              then restart



Ben Hartshorne
email: address@hidden

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