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Re: Odd monit configuration help...

From: Christopher P. Lindsey
Subject: Re: Odd monit configuration help...
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 12:51:52 -0600
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> A script parses the monit config fragements looking for pidfile statements.
> For each pidfile, check if it exists and is running.  If true, symlink from
> monit.enabled/servicename -> monit.d/servicename.
> Then, change the include to be
> include /etc/monit/monit.enabled/*
> Can anyone see a major problem with that approach?

The only issue I could see is if a service doesn't start up successfully,
in which case it won't be monitored or auto-restarted.

For example, we use AFS a lot, and some of the daemons that run on servers
(sshd, etc.) run out of AFS.  If AFS was unavailable when the system
started up, sshd won't start either.  Fortunately, monit keeps trying
to restart it so it comes up once AFS is back (and we get notification
about the problem).


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