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RE: Odd monit configuration help...

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: RE: Odd monit configuration help...
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 20:33:00 +0100

> Okay.  So, what do folks think about this solution:
> A script parses the monit config fragements looking for pidfile statements.
> For each pidfile, check if it exists and is running.  If true, symlink from
> monit.enabled/servicename -> monit.d/servicename.
> Then, change the include to be
> include /etc/monit/monit.enabled/*
> Can anyone see a major problem with that approach?

>From the top off my head I think I would do something like this. Note this is
really just a draft without much "fine thinking" behind it.

1) Choose a high level scripting language for the script, such as Perl or

2) Load from a common file or better from an URL a property file listing all
the services you have on all machines. The format of the file can be:

  ssh     = /etc/monit.d/ssh
  smtp    = /etc/monit.d/smtp
  httpd   = /etc/monit.d/httpd

Load the properties into a hash-table.

3) Get a list of the services that should run on the machine. Use as previously
suggested chkconfig --list or similar. If you have different os'es you could do
something like this (in pseudo code):

  OS= uname;
  switch(OS) {
    case Linux:
         Use 'chkconfig --list' and build a list of the
         services that should run. Map the name of the
         service to the key in the hash-table mentioned in 2).
    case FreeBSD:
         Use something else to get the service list and do the
         same as with the Linux case.

4) a) Open the file /etc/monitrc in write mode.
   b) for each service in the service list built in 3) do;
        lookup the service in the hashtable
        if (found)
            print to /etc/monitrc "include" + hastable{service};
            log an error, a service is found in the machine which is
            not in our global service list.
   c) Close /etc/monitrc

This should give you a /etc/monitrc file with the content that look something
like this depending on the services that *should* run on the machine:

 include /etc/monit.d/ssh
 include /etc/monit.d/httpd

5) The script outlined in 1-4 above should be called as follows. If monit is
started from inittab, add a last line to the script where monit is started
using exec and replace the inittab entry for monit with a call to the script
instead. If monit is called from sysinit rc-scripts, edit /etc/init.d/rc.monit
and add a call to the script before monit is started.

Just my $0.02

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