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Re: Odd monit configuration help...

From: Christopher P. Lindsey
Subject: Re: Odd monit configuration help...
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 15:16:07 -0600
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> What I think I want is a way to configure monit so that it knows how to 
> monitor
> every service we run, but only actually have it care about the services that
> are running when monit starts up (it starts last in our boot process).  This
> would let me only have one global monit configuration for the entire cluster,
> and let the computer figure out the local set of things to worry about.
> Is there are way to do this already that I'm missing?

Hi Mark,

I'd say your best bet is to use service-specific configuration
files shared across all servers, like one for ntpd, one for sendmail,

Then you could write a quick script to create /etc/monitrc before starting
monit.  So if the server detects that it needs to run ntpd and sendmail,
it might generate a monitrc file that looks like

   INCLUDE "/usr/local/etc/monit/sendmail.monitrc"
   INCLUDE "/usr/local/etc/monit/ntpd.monitrc"

The script would probably be quick to write, but definitely OS-specific.
Under RedHat it would be easy to check if something should be running
based on output from chkconfig --list, for example.


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