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Re: Optionally monitoring, depending on local config?

From: Andreas Rust
Subject: Re: Optionally monitoring, depending on local config?
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 15:53:10 +0200

At 15:31 24.09.2004, you wrote:

Hi folks,

address@hidden said:
> Why not simply do something like this at the end of the monit conf
> file:

> include /etc/monitrc.d/*

        That's an option I considered, but I manage around 150 machines
and I'd like to just push out monit (with a standard config file) onto
them without having to configure each machine individually.  I do nightly
automated updates on the machines, so it'd be trivial to turn on monit
on all of them at once if I could come up with a general-purpose
configuration file.

        Another option would be to write a script that creates a
tailored monitrc for each node.  That's probably the route I'll go
if I decide to pursue monit (and if there's no way to write a
general-purpose monitrc file).

If you are writing such a script, the above approach may be still suitable.
Wonder if the dependency part of monit can give you some functionality here, but I suppose
monit authors are more into this. :)


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