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Re: Optionally monitoring, depending on local config?

From: Andreas Rust
Subject: Re: Optionally monitoring, depending on local config?
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 13:22:28 +0200

At 22:24 23.09.2004, you wrote:

Hi folks,

        I've just started looking at monit, and it looks very useful.
I'd like to deploy it onto bunch of machines, but they're all running
different combinations of services.  Some have httpd and sendmail,
some just httpd, some just smbd, etc..  Is it possible to use one
monit configuration for all the machines?

        Ideally, I'd like to be able to build tests into monit's
configuration file, of the form:

        if fileexists /etc/rc.d/S85httpd then
check process apache with pidfile /opt/apache_misc/logs/


        if `chkconfig sendmail` then
                check process sendmail with pidfile /var/run/

Is anything like this possible?

Why not simply do something like this at the end of the monit conf file:

include /etc/monitrc.d/*

and have in monitrc.d the snippets a separarte files per service deployed.

If the machine has httpd, ftp and email, I have 3 files with just those snippets there.
(Along with some basic services which are always checked.)


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