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Re: bug in the documentation, or ...?

From: nusret
Subject: Re: bug in the documentation, or ...?
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 13:37:21 -0800 (PST)

that doesn't make "make" more portable, but if you
distribute bash with your makefiles, it makes your
makefiles more portable :), literally. Just like
"portability" of Java. Some people like it, some
don't... I don't, but I have no problem with those who
like it as well :).

Cmd is good enough for at least simple tasks. In fact
even complex things can be done, as the shell is not
and should not be the real factor here. If i really
need an advanced shell, I would of course consider
something else. And yes, of course bash is much more
detailed and powerful, I agree.

On the other hand, you can compile QT4.1 without any
problems with CMD, whereas run into trouble with a
project with 55 files! Obviously all depends on how
you write your makefiles, not on make, not on Cmd... 


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