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Re: polar coordinates from [-pi, pi] to [0, 2 pi]

From: insafba
Subject: Re: polar coordinates from [-pi, pi] to [0, 2 pi]
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2019 05:42:07 -0600 (CST)

well, I'll try to re-explain

 the data was firstly an x/y cartesian coordinates, which I transform to
polar coordinates ( theta, radius). here is it in the file.

for the polar representation of the data, here is the code: 
theta = moyen_cylindre(:,1);
radius = moyen_cylindre(:,2);

for the other figure in which I want to represent the deviation, here is the
radius1 = abs(radius);
deviation = radius-10; % 10 is the nominal radius

the problem is, I can't see how to do a fitting for the curve (as it is in a
total mess and it looks like two superposed curves)
what I want is to have a continuous plot for the deviation
I hope that is clear

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