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Re: polar coordinates from [-pi, pi] to [0, 2 pi]

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Re: polar coordinates from [-pi, pi] to [0, 2 pi]
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2019 12:02:16 +0100
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H insafba,

You should learn how to describe problems accurately which is a crucial ability to do engeneering/scientific work.

Am 24.02.19 um 11:38 schrieb insafba:
I have some data related to points of the perimeter of a circle (which is
not perfect and have some deviations) that I collected from a 3D scan of a

"some data": x/y coordinates in a cartesian system? r(phi)? Equally spaced in time?

When I represent the data by polar commend, I have (as mentioned
before) a circle. BUT, when I want to plot the deviation (the nominal radius
- the actual data), I have a total mess representation as shown in the next

Without showing the code which led to both plots it's very hard to guess what you are doing. One shows a polar plot, the other a cartesian plot

I can just guess that you are looking for something like "unwrap"

I hope that all is clear.

No, it isn't

-- Andy

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