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Re: polar coordinates from [-pi, pi] to [0, 2 pi]

From: Montgomery-Smith, Stephen
Subject: Re: polar coordinates from [-pi, pi] to [0, 2 pi]
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2019 22:00:06 +0000
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It seems to me that changing the x-coordinate from [-pi,pi] to [0,2pi]
is not going to achieve what you want.  What you really need to do is to
figure out whether the data is taken when going once around the circle,
or twice around.  Probably you need to look at the data, because I guess
that the second time around appears later in the data stream.

On 2/23/19 3:23 PM, insafba wrote:
> thank you for your reply
> I apply it but I didn't get the result I want.
> To be more clear:
> here is the data relatif to points from the perimeter of a circle (which is
> not totaly perfect). when I represent the data as I have it firstly between
> -pi and pi, it shows like two plots (which I don't want). I want it to show
> a continus plot. When I try the method you told me, It doesn't work either.
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