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Re: new to octave - difficulty in installing a package (statistics)

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: new to octave - difficulty in installing a package (statistics)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 15:39:29 +0900 (JST)

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> From: rocketsound 
> To: help-octave> Cc: 
> Date: 2014/7/31, Thu 08:18
> Subject: Re: new to octave - difficulty in installing a package (statistics)
> roger phillips wrote
>>  Im very new to octave, but getting on reasonably with running some old
>>  matlab code, which is great.  I have come across a need to use nanmean
>>  which I have seen is included in the statistics package.
>>  I have downloaded this and saved in the same directory as octave runs
>>  from.
>>   I have checked it is in the current path and tried installing it by
>>  typing
>>    "pkg install -forge statistics-1.2.3.tar.gz"  but i get the 
> error
>>  "package not found".
>>  i have tried a few other things like "pkg install 
> statistics-1.2.3.tar.gz"
>>  but get the error " the following dependancies where unsatisfied needs
>>  io>=1.0.18
>>  As i am running windows 8.1 i have only been able to work out how to
>>  install version 3.6.4  is this causing my problem?  is there an older
>>  version of the package i should be trying to install?
> Some notes on my part to clean things up:
> When directly installing from Octave Forge (and not with a local copy of the
> package zip-file), omit the version numbers, i.e. simply write *pkg install
> -forge statistics*. But anyways, packages often depend on other packages,
> and that is what the error message is telling you: Before you can install
> statistics you need to install the package io first. (An easy way to check
> possible dependencies is looking up the package on the Octave Forge website:
> You may also try the /unofficial/ MXE Windows builds that you can find here:
> The latest Octave 3.8 comes with a new
> /experimental/ UI you might like to give a chance since you didn't write you
> need a specific build.
> Finally, you also need to load the packages you want to use. *pkg list*
> shows you all installed packages and those marked with a star * are
> currently loaded and thus ready to use. For you there a two ways: 1) Install
> the package with the additional parameter -auto (i.e. *pkg install -forge
> -auto statistics*). In this case the package gets automatically loaded. Or
> 2) use *pkg load statistics* after you installed the package.
> In both cases: Try *help pkg* on the command line and you get even more
> information on this command.

If you want use unofficial octave-3.8.1, another way to install octave-forge 
packages exist.
I assume that default install directory (folder) structures are used.

>> cd C:\octave\Octave-3.8.1\src
>> build_packages

The packages installed by the build_packaes.m script are the following,
     actuarial *|   1.1.0
communications  |   1.2.0
       control *|   2.6.5
data-smoothing  |   1.3.0
       general  |   1.3.4
      geometry  |   1.7.0
         image  |   2.2.1
            io  |   2.2.2
linear-algebra  |   2.2.0
 miscellaneous  |   1.2.1
        odepkg *|   0.8.4
         optim  |   1.3.1
    quaternion *|   2.2.1
        signal  |   1.3.0
       sockets  |   1.0.8
       specfun  |   1.1.0
    statistics  |   1.2.3
        struct  |  1.0.10
       windows  |   1.2.1
        zenity  |   0.5.7

(The marks '*' after package names mean that the packages are activated and can 
be used. )

The statistics-1.2.3 will be installed.
If you want it auto-load, execute

>> pkg rebuild -auto io
>> pkg rebuild -auto statistics

The exit octave and restart octave.
And then to confirm they are active by:

>> pkg list

BTW, on windows 8 (8, 8.1,  8.1 update), it is necessary to start octave from 
batch file to execute it in GUI mode.
The batch file can be downloaded from

Click file name octave-gui.bat (blue colored), then you can download the batch 

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