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Re: plot problem in 3.4.2 (was: Testing binaries of octave for windows (

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: plot problem in 3.4.2 (was: Testing binaries of octave for windows (MinGW32) is updated)
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 06:45:34 +0900 (JST)


This issue is preferably discussed in the maintainers list but not in the help 
However, I do not want change this post to the the maintainers list this time.

--- On Mon, 2011/7/25, Uwe Brauer wrote:

>    > Correction.
>    > *******
>    > I feel that on windows XP start up time is longer than that in win 7.
>    > ********** 
> right it needs some 3 minutes to start up. There are 2
> things I have to mention

For the PC with core-i5, win 7 64bit, start up time is a few second. 
However, in my netbook (atom N550, win 7  starter 32 bit)  ,
start up time is rather long.
Perhaps, short start up time for the PC with core-i5, win 7 64bit,
CPU power is high enough to shorten the start up time. 

For the cygwin version, octave 3.4.0, start up time is not so long even on win 
XP machine.   I do not know the reason why start up time so different between 
the MinGW version and the Cygwin one.

>     -  plotting is slow, and the connection to scite works
>        but is even slower!
>     -  there is a problem with a special file which uses
>        isosurface etc. I attach the code below.
> I have compiled version 3.4.2 for ubuntu and I have used
> your precompiled version in XP. For both version I obtain
> the same plot result. BTW the code does not work in 3.2.4!!

> However there are users on this list using version 3.4.2
> officially distributed by suse, they obtain a different
> plot, which is closer to the plot obtained by matlab.

> It is also possible to modify the code such that the plot is
> separated in subplots, these subplots are shown in all
> compiled version.
> I have attached the plot in question already on the list and
> therefore don't want to send it again.
I have tried to plot using your script.
I have attached a png file.

I cannot help you further because my programming ability is limited.



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