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Re: Speed concerns with fft

From: Sébastien Maerten
Subject: Re: Speed concerns with fft
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 01:51:59 +0200

Le 8 oct. 04, à 18:12, Joe Koski a écrit :

 I know when I attempted to build
2.1.57 I got warnings about xerbla (apparently the error handler for blas)
being multiply defined,

I can confirm this :(

was before I discovered that Apple's Xcode 1.5 upgrade clobbers attempts to
build octave on a Mac. You must have Xcode 1.2 installed.
Thanks for this, I'll have a look a that asap.

Meanwhile, Guarav Khanna has built octave-2.1.57 and octave-forge and will
soon post a relatively simple Mac binary install at That should solve problems for a while.
I hope so.

Any comments?
Thank you.


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