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Speed concerns with fft

From: Sébastien Maerten
Subject: Speed concerns with fft
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 15:15:21 +0200


I need to perform fft on "large" sets of data, for that I've used octave binary installed by fink on macosx 10.3.5 on an ibook G4 1GHz ( 256 Mo RAM). It turns out that computing fft( my_data ) takes about 15 sec when my_data is a 500K floats vector (timed by tic() ; fft () ; toc() ). With a 1M floats vector, the time jumps to 6000 sec ! Do anybody know if this is the intended behavior ? ( I don't know a word about fft algorythms )

I'm sorry I can't provide more info about octave's build options than it's current fink version.

Do anybody know how I can get a "faster" result ? Building octave with proper math libraries ? Which one ? It seems to me that building octave from source on osx is not trivial (I've failed with fink, darwinports and manually with versions 2.1.57 , 2.1.59 and 2.1.60), btw, is it worth reporting such build failures ?

I'm in trouble because I *need* those fft's but I can't give the computer around 100 x 6000 sec just for tha :( .

Any idea / pointer / help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.

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