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Question about Mailing list archive...

From: Ciotti, Louis A
Subject: Question about Mailing list archive...
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 14:31:14 -0400

I was looking through the archive, and noticed that many of the messages
contain a large amount of extra information. (i.e. from people sending
message with HTML formatting, file attachments etc.)  Now I certainly do
not mind being able to send a file to the list (since I have done this,
and it can aid in getting questions answered), but isn't there a way to
strip this extra information in archive??

Also many mailing lists consider it taboo to send formatted e-mails
(HTML or Rich text), and insist on pain text.  I can understand this
since some e-mail clients do not know how to handle the extra
information.  Does it not make since to also have this "rule" for octave
mailing lists??

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