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Re: octave-2.1.59 and Cygwin

From: Paul Thomas
Subject: Re: octave-2.1.59 and Cygwin
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 19:53:30 +0200

The slowness remains in all versions after gcc-3.2.x with Cygwin, as far as I know.
It is entered as a bug with the gcc developers, if you care to track it down ( I cannot lay hands on the Bugzilla number at the moment, nor the correspondence that I have had on it.).  The cause appears to be somewhere within the depths of new/delete, with sjlj being the likely culprit. Implementing dwarf2 is said to be the cure in the long term.  The developers seemed to be distressed that there was a 20% difference in the Linux version and ignored the factors of 10 or so in the Cygwin variety.
It is easy to demonstrate that new/delete is slow in the later versions of gcc.  To be perfectly honest, I did not understand the explanations that were offered and I am left perturbed that old versions of gcc are just fine.  I had wondered whether the old version of new/delete could be bolted on to the later gcc but I simply have not had the time to explore this.
In the meantime, perhaps we should post the gcc-3.2 Cygwin binary somewhere?  A number of us have copies.
Paul T

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