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Re: The future of Octave

From: Phil Cummins
Subject: Re: The future of Octave
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 09:55:58 +0900


  I'm just a user of octave (not even the development version),
but I felt I should also take the opportunity to thank John and
and all the other people who have contributed to octave. It really
has been an indispensable tool for me. I recommend it in a Linux
course I give every year to seismologists from developing countries, 
whose institutes can barely afford computers, much less matlab.
  FWIW, I think it's probably right to concentrate on the
mathematics, that's what's really important (to me, anyway). I do 
miss having a GUI and better graphics now and then. But surely the 
way to go is to provide interfaces to existing tools, as some people 
have suggested?
  The matlab compatibility is not such a big issue for me, but it 
has been nice to be able to easily port over some simple matlab 
scripts. (I realize it is a very big issue for some people and I 
sympathize, but I am just reporting my own experience here).
  Well, that's just me 2 cents.


Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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