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F**king matlab!

From: Douglas Eck
Subject: F**king matlab!
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 20:52:06 -0700

Does the code have to fork to have matlab compatibility
and next-generation growth? I don't think so.

I agree with John that true compatibility is a myth... we'll always
be chasing. But at the same time it is at least theoretically
possible to have a  matlab compatibity *layer* at some level in the code. 

I recommend that at the lowest level, the next
generation GPL numerical analysis software pacakge
make no attempt to be a matlab clone. *But* I recommend
that it be desiged so that at a fairly low level,
it can interpret code from other languages. Primarily
matlab. This should free up those who want to build
something cool while leaving the door open for matlab-like

Problem is, I only passed graduate progamming languages at 
Indiana University because fellow-student Paul Kienzle
basically gave me his homework. Ok not quite, but close.
So this might be completely wrong.

What do you think?


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